Tailored services

We provide bespoke services for charities that need tailored support in recruiting volunteers. Each charity’s requirements are different.

Below are examples of the work we have done for other charities so please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Services for charities

Example: Strategic support for a pilot

Need: The national office of a federated charity was running a pilot to take their charities through a significant programme of change, redefining strategies and business models. They had designed the process and tools but wanted to provide the charities with strategic guidance and support through the process.

Service: Reach recruited very experienced and talented business mentors to guide the charities through the pilot. The high calibre of the mentors was a critical ingredient to the success of the pilot which is now being rolled out throughout the federated structure.

Example: Recruitment support


Need: a national charity needed support recruiting volunteers for a new role which it was rolling out throughout the country. They did not have sufficient infrastructure to manage the recruitment process themselves.

Service: Reach developed marketing materials and promoted the role widely, attracting a large number of candidates. We interviewed the volunteers to ensure that they were suitable and were clear about the role. As a result, the charity received a steady stream of enthusiastic, well-informed and well-qualified volunteers.

Light touch

Need: a national charity was recruiting to a number of volunteer roles and needed support in attracting sufficient candidates

Service: Reach provided a ‘light touch’ account management service, coordinating recruitment activity and focusing promotion on priority regions and roles. By tracking progress and staying in regular contact with the charity, we were able to help create a more efficient and ‘joined up’ recruitment process for the charity.

Services to recruit trustees

We provide high-quality and affordable support to charities of all sizes, causes and shapes across the UK who wish to attract and retain highly skilled and dynamic trustees for their board. With more than 1,000 trusteees now placed by TrusteeWorks, our dedicated trustee service, we’re the governance trustee service with the best track record. The chances of finding the perfect trustee through us is higher than with any other method or organisation.

But don’t take our word for it. In recent surveys, 97% said that the trustee they had recruited through Reach had made their board stronger, particularly in the areas of bringing a broader perspective to the board, effective support and challenge to the CEO, developing the strategy and improving sustainability.  Find out more about our targeted services to find your perfect trustee.