Matching service

Matching service: free / low-cost service offering access to high-quality, skilled volunteers.

Our Matching service gives organisations the chance to recruit trustees through our database of skilled volunteers.

  • Access to hundreds of volunteers on the Reach database
  • You can search for and directly message potential candidates
  • Your role appears as a listing on the Reach register of available trustee opportunities
  • Skilled volunteers can find and contact you directly if they are interested in your role
  • Access to recruitment tools helping to guide you to find your ideal trustee
  • Your role will be posted to our partner websites such as LinkedIn.

This is a free / low-cost, low-hassle way of directly recruiting the ideal trustees for your organisation.

Cost of service

  • FREE to organisations under £1M turnover
  • £150 (+ VAT) on registration to organisations over £1M turnover 

Next steps?

Register with us to find your ideal trustee:

  • Find out how to register and upload your role
  • Upload your trustee opportunity selecting the ‘Trustee/Governor’ and the ‘Matching service’ options
  • Already registered? Use your dashboard to upload your trustee opportunity.

Want more support for your trustee recruitment? Find out about our Matching Plus or our Premium service.