Find a skilled volunteer

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It’s completely free to register your organisation with Reach. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have instant access to hundreds of talented people across the UK who have signed up to donate their skills.

Our volunteers have already gone through our registration process so you can be assured of their experience and calibre. We also promote your opportunity on partner websites, such as LinkedIn, so it gains a wide audience.

Types of skilled roles you can register

As we specialise in skilled volunteering, we only allow skills-based roles which require at least 3 years professional expertise. We do not take internships or administrative based roles. Please note that as of January 2017 we no longer accept new roles that may have previously been accepted where this professional expertise was optional. If you have any questions about our critieria, please call us at 0207 582 6543.

You can register the following types of roles with us:

  • An ongoing role: An opportunity for a skilled volunteer to regularly support your organisation. This may be every week or every month, working at home or in an office.
  • A short-term project: A defined, one-off project over a set time period which needs specific expertise.
  • A trustee/governor position: If you need to recruit a new trustee, we can help you find a professional with the skills you need through our TrusteeWorks service.

We only accept roles which are UK-based though we are happy to takes roles if your organisation has an international focus. We also limit duplicate roles to 10 per organisation (ie the same role in different locations) to ensure potential volunteers searching our roles can see the variety of positions available.

Read more about who we work with or contact us to discuss your specific situation.