About us

Connecting charities and non-profits with skilled volunteers

Charities and non-profits flourish when they have access to skilled and experienced people, and there are many talented people who want to give their skills to a cause knowing it could make a difference.

We have been connecting non-profits with skilled volunteers for over 35 years. Our goal is to radically increase both the scale and impact of this kind of volunteering throughout the UK. 

What we do

  • We promote the benefits of skills-based volunteering, attracting prospective volunteers and encouraging non profits to engage skilled volunteers in their work
  • We enable professionals and non-profits to find their ideal volunteering match
  • We support the process to increase the impact of each volunteer placement. 

We cover trusteeship, mentoring, advisory, operational roles, short term projects - in fact any type of volunteering that requires professional expertise.

How we do it

We do this through our self-service platform, our supported services, our Knowledge centre and one-to-one support and by working in collaboration with other organisations.  We evaluate the impact of our work and feed this into the development of our service.  

Why we do it

For non-profits

Non-profits face rising demand for their services, falling income, and a rapidly changing funding environment. Skilled volunteers can help them meet these challenges by contributing expertise which non-profits could not have otherwise afforded or accessed. Volunteers can help organisations extend their capacity, explore new areas of work, strengthen their governance, and much more. 

For volunteers

Professionals are keen to volunteer their expertise for many reasons such as making a  difference to a cause they care about, developing new skills or finding purpose in retirement. Whatever the motivation, volunteering is proven to increase well being amongst volunteers. 

For the voluntary sector

Non-profits tackle some of the most intractable problems of our age, and yet they are amongst the least capitalised organisations. It is essential that non-profits can gain access to people with the right skills and expertise, but they are often constrained by limited funds. We know from first-hand experience that donated expertise can be as effective as paid for expertise– sometimes more so.

There is an abundance of professionals who are willing to donate their time and talents in exchange for the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to a cause they care about. They just need to be asked...

By bringing non-profits and these skilled volunteers together, we can make great things happen!

We know it works because it’s how we run ourselves: volunteers are an integral part of our team, and outnumber staff by 4:1. They bring great skills, experience and much more to our work.