Who we are

An overview of the team at Reach Volunteering. 

An overview of the team at Reach Volunteering.

We are a small and highly collaborative team that care deeply about the needs of the people who use our service and wider society. We also practise what we preach with the support of our amazing volunteers who contribute to our ongoing running and success.


Chief Executive Officer

Janet Thorne


Kit Richardson - Head of Digital
Nic Rodgers - Developer

Marketing and Communications

Volunteers: Chris Baker, Jeanne Davis, Ranno Kasemaa, Tim Langford, Damon Rutherford, Tony Tait


Holly Meacham - Head of Service
Amanjyot Bhangal - Service Development Manager
Miranda Murdoch-Hughes - Service Coordinator
Naja Mahler - Service Administrator

Volunteers: James Addison, Jane Fergusson, Tony Swabe


Rachel Ord - Head of TrusteeWorks
Sarah Sibbald - TrusteeWorks Consultant
Eleanor Urben - TrusteeWorks Consultant
Monica Van Niekerk - Service Coordinator
Miranda Murdoch-Hughes - Service Coordinator

Volunteers: Gordon Cooper, John Littlewood, Andrew Woods

Other Volunteers

Roger Harvey, Brian Millis and Neil Wotherspoon (IT)
Jon Edwards (Fundraising)
Franz Lang (Illustration)
Ciara Napol (User research)
Andrew Philips (General)


Find out about our Board on our Trustees page.


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