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Every month we ask our charities what difference their volunteers are making.
Anne Marie Swift
Abbeyfield & Hoylake Society
We had a very low tech website. Anne-Marie has enabled us to create a much more effective, impactful online presence.
Worthing Community Chest icon
Amanda Harris
Worthing Community Chest
Our trustee Amanda has enabled us to develop and grow as a charity.
The Childhood Trust logo icon
Alex Howell
The Childhood Trust
Alex's work has transformed our communications capacity and freed up resources that we have been able to put to a good purpose in helping disadvantaged children.
Shooting Star Chase logo
Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice Care
Our volunteer Merlin has all the skills we wanted, with a wealth of knowledge and useful contacts. He is helping us reach out to the community.
Arifa Chakera for DIAL
Arifa Chakera
DIAL Leeds
Without Arifa’s expansive views and diverse range of skills, the core funding cuts we faced could have been the end of our organisation.

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