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Every month we ask our charities what difference their volunteers are making.
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Neil Salisbury
CPRE Buckinghamshire
We are keeping the organisation dynamic. Neil has brought in much needed skills and has taken ownership of a key area of our work.
Refugee Survival Trust
Mick Patrick
Refugee Survival Trust
Reach has been invaluable in our search to strengthen our board with well-qualified, enthusiastic people with particular skills.
Money a + e
Anna's expertise has helped us to build a strong Advisory Board. As a small organisation it would have been extremely difficult to achieve key milestones with our volunteers' assistance.
Anne Marie Swift
Abbeyfield & Hoylake Society
We had a very low tech website. Anne-Marie has enabled us to create a much more effective, impactful online presence.
Fallowfield community library and resource centre
Derek May
Fallowfield Library & Community Resource Centre
Our trustee Derek has helped us in diversifying our income generation to ensure our future financial viability. He has made a real impact on our operations and adds so much in terms of our governance.
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Alex Howell
The Childhood Trust
Alex's work has transformed our communications capacity and freed up resources that we have been able to put to a good purpose in helping disadvantaged children.

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